Fundraising For AHP’s Healing Our Race-Linked Wounds Projects

Not just for Psychologists. But for All Who Want To Make A Difference

Fundraising For AHP’s Healing Our Race-Linked Wounds Projects
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As the first African American and first person of color to become President of the Association for Humanistic Psychology (AHP), and in light of what Dr. Ferguson calls the “race-linked wound in the human psyche”  as currently exemplified by both pre- and post Ferguson events, one of his goals is to have AHP to help heal that race-linked wound through using humanistic principles that we know work. An interesting synchronicity here is that his last name happens to be Ferguson. In relation to this goal, we are seeking to raise funds for the implementation of two programmatic activities.

One programmatic activity is to distribute as many autographed copies of Dr. Ferguson’s newest book, Evolving The Human Race Game, free of charge. The funds raised in this regard will be primarily for the cost of the book from the publisher and for shipping and handling. We currently have over 1700 people in our database, and we are seeking to actively engage those currently in our database (both current and past members) and to increase that number. Implied here is a hoped-for domino effect that can help with healing the race-linked wound.

A second programmatic activity is to start an Online Mentoring Program, using humanistic principles, which will engage youth mentees online—youth of color as well as other youth. The funds raised in this regard will be for start-up purposes in terms of identifying and orienting a diverse group of mentors and mentees to humanistic principles, and setting up incentives for such outreach and participation in the Online Mentoring Program. A guiding principle and emphasis for such an Online Mentoring Program here will be “Each One, Reach One.”

AHP is a non-profit organization, founded in the early 1960s by luminary figures in the field of psychology such as Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, Charlotte Buhler, Rollo May, Gordon Alport, J. F. L. Bugental, Henry Murray, Clark Moustakas, Jacques Barzum, Renee Dubos. These founders and AHP gave birth to what is called The Human Potential Movement. The now commonly held notion that we live in an interdependent world is an outgrowth of The Human Potential Movement. However, AHP is not just for psychologists. It is for anyone who shares humanistic values and wants to make a difference. In essence, it is an organization for ordinary people with an extraordinary vision about the value and dignity of human beings. Its members include educators, students, doctors, politicians, scientists, health and social workers, activists, and people who just want humanity to evolve its consciousness in positive and constructive ways.

Past Presidents of AHP include eminent humanistic figures in the field such as James F. T. Bugental, Sidney M. Jourad, Charlotte Buhler, Jack R. Gibb, Stanley Krippner, Eleanor Criswell, Jean Houston, George Leonard, Virginia Satir, Lawrence LaShan, John Vasconcellos, Frances Vaughan, Maureen O’Hara, Arthur Warmoth, and J. Bruce Francis. With his historic election, Dr. Ferguson suddenly found himself joining a long list of prominent thinkers, scholars, authors, and cultural creators who have sought to bring to consciousness the value and dignity of the human being in the field of psychology and beyond.

Your tax deductible donation will help AHP to implement these two programmatic activities to heal the race-linked wound in the human psyche and help move AHP forward with its important work in the world. Please donate Now at: or