August 2015 Membership Meeting

Hi All

Your AHP Board just completed its annual Summer Board meeting, July 9-11, in Los Angeles. One of the outcomes of that meeting is that we want you to SAVE THE DATE, August 15, 2015, 9 am (pacific time) or 12:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time), for a call-in AHP Membership Meeting. The call-in conference call number is: (605) 475-4000 Participant Access Code: 708529#

The goal of this membership meeting is to get your ideas and input for consciously moving the Association forward, using positive and constructive energy. Before the development of humanistic psychology and humanistic principles, the primary focus in our individual and collective consciousness was on what is wrong with us as human beings. With the founding of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, an organization was born to assist humanity in shifting our individual and collective consciousness toward a primary focus on what is right/what works for us as human beings. It is a profound legacy and focus that we want to continue to nurture, and you can help us to do that by sharing your positive and constructive ideas with us.

If case you did not know, in addition to our web presence on our primary site (, we also have a social media web presence on:

Being cognizant that we are in the digital age, one of our goals, therefore, is to continue to build and nurture a more conscious and humane community in our society and in the world, using the lens of humanistic principles, by increasing interactive activity and sharing through our social media web presence. Toward that end, we strongly encourage you to use our social media to connect with and to engage one another in active and meaningful dialogue and sharing about ways to foster human care and innovations. For professionals, that may mean deeply exploring the therapeutic relationship, using humanistic principles. For non-clinicians, that may mean how best to deal with and evolve our consciousness with one another in more humane ways in our individual and collective experiences, given pre- and post-Ferguson events. An interesting synchronicity is that my last name is Ferguson.

If you would like to share an article or something you have written that you would like to appear in our Online Perspective, or to comment on a posted article/writing, please send your article/writing or comment to Chip Baggett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..”>

Finally, we are also looking for new board members. We want and need your energy and presence. So, if you have an interest in becoming an AHP Board member, please let us know and how you can contribute. You can email me directly ( or Contact Us ( on the AHP website (from the drop-down list re: “Concerning,” just put “General questions/comments”), and express your interest in the “Comment” section re: becoming an AHP Board member. And, please remember that you do not need to be a psychologist.

You may also use both methods above to RSVP re: the AHP Membership Conference Call Meeting. Thanks so much in advance for SAVING THE DATE, for you ideas, and for engaging our social media.

With Heart, Cuf and AHP Board

Carroy U. (Cuf) Ferguson, PhD
President, Association for Humanistic Psychology
Professor & Human Service Internship Coordinator
College of Public and Community Service
University of Massachusetts-Boston 100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125
617-287-7232 (office)
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